tommy chhengTommy Chheng is a full stack software engineer and lives in San Francisco, CA. He also writes technical ebooks in his spare time.

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  1. bondito

    How ‘re you , i’m trying to use the openCV library on eclipse with CDT ,but i have the following error message “SHA1 error”
    Can you Help me ? thank

  2. Gavin

    Hi Tommy, I really love the look of your new book. Super smart and I’m sure it’s selling like hot cakes. I work with engineers and am familiar with a lot of terms. I couldn’t find an index to see what’s covered and the first two pages I understand. Can you tell me if it covers a simple explanation to things like; functions as first class citizens, collections, namespaces things that programmers are always throwing around but explained in your easy to understand the relationship style? If it does I’m going to get it now and if not do you suggest a resource that might. Thank you for all your blogging and information. :-) Gavin

    1. tommychheng Post author

      Hey Gavin,
      Thanks for the interest. This book is more tailored towards recruiters, biz dev, not really new programmers so i don’t cover first class citizens, collections, etc. I do think everyone will find something helpful in it. If not, you can get a refund!

      Your idea does sound interesting for a different book, like the beginning programmer’s companion book.

      1. Gavin

        Sounds good I”m ordering your book for my Kindle after I write this. Yeah I think it’s an interesting idea too. Really important and useful. So many beginning programmers miss so much because they; don’t know where to focus, are not in an environment of inquiry, even if they look it up later they miss the importance of the context. A caring, intelligent and simplified styled handbook filled with basic concepts and patterns I think has a huge market reach. I for one would be really into you bringing to life a reference guide as an overview that would otherwise take years and years to reach that perspective. It’s a really good idea but not even pitched solely as the beginning programmers companion. I think yes they would love it but also it’s critical for managers, product developers, designers ect, that care about really connecting with programmers and the concepts they are building on. I think you could write a companion classic by positioning it more along the lines of “Programming: The Vital Parts.” lol. :-)

  3. aka251

    Hi Tommy,

    Please let me know on how do you address potential copyright issues by publishing brand logos of say twitter, instagram etc. in your ebook? Did you reach out to those companies for a release? I am in the process of writing an ebook which requires outside references.
    Thanks in advance for your advise.

    1. tommychheng Post author

      Hi, First, don’t take my advice as legal advice, I’m not a lawyer. As I know it, using a logo is allowed under fair use trademark laws if you are using it to describe something. Of course, this means actual fair use of the logo, e.g. you can’t put the logo on your cover.


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